A pertinent analogy.

from the BFD:

The Telegraph UK has written a scathing opinion piece on Jacinda Ardern’s Cv strategy. Seeing that she has been, until now, the darling of the overseas media, it is a particularly savage piece. Read on and enjoy the turning of the worms, in all parts of the globe.

“Poetic justice is beautiful. Last week, Jacinda Ardern, the prime minister of New Zealand, announced that the antipodean nation would indefinitely pursue a zero Covid strategy. This week, it entered a stringent nationwide lockdown after the emergence of a single Covid-19 case. The pandemic giveth, the pandemic taketh away.”

Poetic justice might be beautiful for those who live 12,000 miles away, but it’s not much fun down here.

New Zealand’s Covid-19 response was idealised last year. The small island nation eliminated the virus – with short lockdowns, closed borders and effective contact tracing – and largely lived without restrictions. Economic growth has been high and mortality has been low.

But what worked in 2020 is not the same as what makes sense in 2021.

Oh yes, it is… if your name happens to be Jacinda and you are the Cv queen.

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Perhaps the greatest irony, which has escaped Dear Leader’s worshippers, is that Lockdown also applies to all those who dutifully went and got jabbed.  “It won’t stop you getting infected,” said NSW authorities: the Jacinda government is now effectively saying that, too.  The most that the jabs might do is make the experience of those who catch the China virus milder, and the UK data (see earlier) says that the Delta variant — which the jabs seem fairly ineffectual against — is milder than the original anyway. —Eds