from the BFD

Finally, we have had a sensible suggestion from a politician, and it wasn’t from Jacinda Ardern either.

Aussie Prime Minister Scott Morrison has suggested we stop talking about cases.

“A focus on case numbers was very important when we knew nothing about this virus and whether our hospital system would be able to cope.

“A lot has changed since then. Increasingly we need to look beyond just the case numbers to know what our future holds. How we can keep safe and how we get our lives back in a Covid world.

“Case numbers are important, but they are not the whole story.”

The numbers I revealed the other day from England show that case numbers are wholly misleading.

“So while right now our national strategy is necessarily about suppressing the virus and vaccinating as many people as possible, a one-eyed focus on just case numbers overlooks the fact that less people are getting seriously ill, let alone dying.

“Shifting our focus from just case numbers, to actually looking at how many people are becoming seriously ill and requiring hospitalisation will be increasingly what matters. After all, this is how we manage all other infectious diseases.”


As the Government here ramps up the fear factor scaring everyone and essentially bullying them into getting something loosely described as a vaccine, they necessarily focus on case numbers.

But as we have seen for months now out of MIQ, loads of people have had the much-maligned Delta variant, but none have required hospital treatment, much less ICU treatment and zero have died.

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