The klaxon goes off on the cellphone, and tamely the sheep obey.

Bye-bye freedom-loving New Zealand. I would never have believed we’d sink so low.

Just like the Germans in the 1930’s — remember when we used to smugly assure ourselves that that kind of thing could never happen here. Because we were freedom-loving New Zealanders.

Well, now we know.

Now it is happening here, replicated in every detail. Racial privilege, the perversion of history, identity papers, official surveillance and the police given Ge…po powers. Even the army — our army — being mobilised for the coming roundups. And the Jews this time will be the ten percent who refuse to submit to the new hypodermic tattoo on the shoulder.

Wake up Dumbos. Read Orwell again.

But they won’t, of course, or the present totalitarian cabal would never have been elected.

So I have decided to enjoy the astonishing collapse of the West — the most spectacular show of our lifetimes. The balloon is close to going up. But we really have been very privileged to have lived through the most affluent, free and easy period in all human history, and now, in our approaching dotages, to witness its approaching end.

Happy days, and a grand finale.”

(Thanks to Carol Sawyer)