In Monday’s post, Australian PM Scott Morrison is quoted as saying: “Shifting our focus from just case numbers, to actually looking at how many people are becoming seriously ill and requiring hospitalisation will be increasingly what matters. After all, this is how we manage all other infectious diseases.”

So how many have been hospitalised because of the China virus in NZ? According to this table on the Ministry of Health website here, the total since March last year is 148. Of these 19 went into an Intensive Care Unit. All except 26 recovered (in fact one of these did recover and died later.)

Last September we asked the Ministry of Health how many had been hospitalised during the year to 30 June 2020 from a variety of other viruses out there.

The answer was:

“The number of publicly funded hospital discharges in 2019/20 with these primary diagnoses were:

A08-A09  Other gastroenteritis and colitis of viral, infectious and unspecified origin = 12,087

A15-A19  Tuberculosis = 237

A37   Pertussis = 60

A39   Meningococcal infection = 120

A87   Viral meningitis = 362

A97   Dengue = 55

B05   Measles = 574

B20-B24  Human Immunodeficiency Virus [HIV] disease = 8

B34.2   Coronavirus infection, unspecified site = 13

B50-B54  Malaria = 21

G00-G03  Bacterial meningitis = 188

J09-J11  Influenza = 3468

J12-J18  Pneumonia = 15,565

So by any objective standard, Cv has been vastly over-rated. The politicians in this government love it, being a great distraction from other issues, but at huge cost to mental health, livelihoods and the economy.