Uisge Beatha — (Pronounced ‘Ooshka Ba’) this means ‘water of life’ in Gaelic and is used as a formal way to describe whisky.

Cratur — The Scots word for creature is another that’s used for whisky.

Dram/Nip – This is a common word for a measure of a whisky, as in “Do you fancy a wee dram?”.

Hawf ‘n Hawf – (A Half and Half) this is a term for a half-pint of beer along with a measure of whisky.

New Make spirit – the newly distilled spirit that is yet to go through the minimum maturation period to legally become whisky (three years).

Quaich – pronounced “quake”, this is a traditional Scottish whisky drinking cup that consists of a shallow bowl with a short vertical handle on either side.

Traditionally, it has important connotations with friendship and alliances and is often shared among a group to signify a celebration or connection.

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