by Geoffrey and Eva Churchman

A few months back, current affairs columnist Michael Bassett likened the NZ Herald to a timid chiuaua. While it is clearly scared of publishing criticism of Jacinda government policies by anyone and just won’t publish anything at all that might upset the Woke Brigade, it generally avoids the personal attacks on Jacinda government opponents that now sadly characterises rival Ms Boucher’s gang of Jacinda devotees.

An exception at the NZ Herald is David Fisher who has now made an astonishing attack on the Voices for Freedom group, in this instance for delivering what Fisher terms an ‘anti-vax’ pamphlet in Auckland where he lives. The photo which the Herald‘s IT people chose to accompany Mr Fisher’s article shows group members with placcards, including someone holding one reading “Questioning vaccine safety doesn’t make you an anti-vaxxer”. But obviously Mr Fisher thinks otherwise.

Most aware people know that the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ for the China virus, like those by the other pharmaceutical firms, was a rushed development over several months, not several years as is normally the case with vaccines. The process requires proper clinical trials with paid volunteers and evaluations of side effects, both short term and long term.

But no: Mr Fisher, like others in the Jacinda government’s state funded myopic cabal, thinks that analysis of the subject by experts in several countries including NZ is an affront to the genius of PM Jacinda who knows what’s best for everybody and must be obeyed.

Anyone who visits America will see plenty of prescription medicines advertised to consumers on TV. The USA is only one of two developed countries which allows this; the other is NZ. The difference is that in America all notified side-effects and contra-indications must be read out in a slow voice along with the promo. There is no such requirement in NZ.

As has been stated on WW several times, if people want to get jabbed they should be at liberty to do so, provided it is informed consent. The NZ government’s own medsafe website lists some of the contra-indications and side effects (but which are ignored by the Mainstream Media) with the Pfizer jab; however, it’s well short of all the ones that America’s FDA lists.

Medsafe states that as at 7 August it had received 385 reports of serious adverse reactions from the Pfizer ‘Comirnaty mRNA’ including 26 deaths. There are plenty who claim both figures are under-reported.

The figure for the number of jabs administered of 2,188,771 is likely acurrate, on the other hand, so on the assumption that all incidences of serious reactions have been reported to medsafe, the likelihood of having a serious reaction is about 1 in 5,000. That is about the same likelihood of being in a car crash every trip you make. In comparison, however, every trip you make on a scheduled airline has a less than 1 in a million chance of being in a crash.

And there is the fact that the Comirnaty mRNA probably wont stop you getting infected, but it might reduce the severity of the experience if you do.

So Mr Fisher’s diatribe has to be seen for the Jacinda government attack on opponents that it is.