Back in July we reported:

Last Friday, 16 July, Stuff itself announced in an article headed “NZ On Air dishes out $9.6 million to journalism” on its website that “Stuff will receive $591,465 for its The Whole Truth project which is designed to counter misinformation where it occurs about Covid-19.

We knew what this would mean: if the NZ Herald is like a timid chihuahua, Ms Boucher’s Stuff is a pack of pitt bull terriers ready to savage anyone in a public spotlight who dares challenge the Jacinda party line and so keep coming the big handouts of Taxpayer money. And a District Councillor is as good a target as any for Ms Boucher’s money-motivated malevolence.

It was to be expected that the paid Vaccine Sales Force would ridicule any critical/skeptical observations about the rushed experimental treatments touted as vaccines by their Big Pharma manufacturers — there’s billions of dollars involved. Unsurprisingly, a few of them have shown up as commentators on here; although the only one with the courage to use her real name has been Marie O’Sullivan; the rest have used numerous fake names on various platforms.

But there is a big difference between that and public pillorying by Stuff which, despite its rapidly shrinking readership, is still significant as an opinion influencer.

Yet another black mark against this scurrilous media organisation.