“When we consider a world currently rotting from the outside in, we shouldn’t underestimate the mould growing beneath the asymmetrical bobs, or glistening pates of our global Karens.” — quote from a Joel Maxwell piece

By Roger Childs

Joel Maxwell used to write mainly for the Kapiti Observer, but has recently been a senior reporter for Ms Boucher’s Stuff. A couple of years ago, he set out to rediscover his Maori roots and in weekly columns published in the Dominion Post, he recounted his “Te Reo” journey. 

Many of the articles were unashamedly anti-non-‘Maori’, anti-‘colonist’, racist rants. Like all those who call themselves Maori, Joel Maxwell is only part-Maori and has the blood of colonists and their descendants coursing through his veins.

Problems with style and history 

The Maxwell style is hard to follow with mixed metaphors, strange similes, non sequiturs, illogical conclusions and unsubstantiated generalizations. Quoting from a recent article, what for example does  …he threw the bus under the bus mean? Or, in referring to the English, what does … Their failure is permanent now, affixed in history; shimmering like an indifferent North Star, a Polaris, over a thousand deaths –- via Facetime from lonely hospital beds mean?

In one article in 2019 he admitted that he didn’t know much about our history; and then proceeded to give his own pro-Maori version.  His article earlier this week shows that he is still floundering with the story of our country.  He claimed that …the only thing England successfully exported was classism… However, as Writer Tony Orman observes: The new egalitarian structure for the new colony was for the people, regardless of wealth, class, race or creed in total – not just the privileged upper class. Most colonists migrated to places like New Zealand to in fact escape the class structure.

It was traditional Maori society that was class-ridden with male chiefs as the upper class, warriors below them, women, who did most of the work, even lower (apart from the high born), and slaves at the bottom. 

Maxwell jumps on an anti-Seymour bandwagon

Maxwell couldn’t resist recently sailing into David Seymour over leaking the priority vaccination codes for Maori. His “The activist formerly known as an MP” article (Dominion Post, Monday September 13, 2021) was another piece full of errors and exaggeration. He claimed that by his actions, Seymour …hampered the [vaccine] rollout, disrupting an entire nation’s health for the sake of ideology …

As recent polls have shown, the ACT leader is widely and increasingly respected, now second in the preferred prime minister stakes, and his party is catching up to National – who Maxwell commends for doing the work of Opposition in his article. A growing number of voters now acknowledge David Seymour as being one of the few honest and effective politicians we have, a leader who is not afraid to speak the truth and hold the government to account.