by Geoffrey Churchman

Yesterday another Voices for Freedom meeting was held, this time in the Reikorangi Hall and had over 70 attendees, some from Waikanae and some from the local area. It seems the worse the Jacinda government gets, the bigger the attendance gets and the more lively the discussion. Membership nationally continues to climb and now stands at about 30,000 of which 25,000 are in local groups.

Most of the concern at present is unsurprisingly about Dear Leader and Bloomfield’s vast over-reaction to the mild China virus Delta variant and many members have been busy researching facts /data from very qualified people which the paid propagandist Legacy Media avoid, unless it suits the Jacinda government narrative. Some members are themselves very qualified and/or have connections in high places. The website contains a lot useful information as does the Odysee video channel.

One of many interesting discussion questions asked was — how are those who get a positive China virus test treated in hospitals if they need to be in one? The short answer: put in a separate ward and given a few tablets of paracetamol. Fortunately, the awful Remdesivir drug has so far not been used in NZ although that may happen. What about extra vitamin C and D and Zinc supplements? Nope.

And what is happening with the Jacinda government’s obsessive pushing of Big Pharma’s bizarre concoctions for the China virus instead of the cheaper, better and safer Ivermectin? It seems that the government realizes that about 10% of the population are hardcore resistors to the rushed Experimental Substances while about another 10% are skeptical — these are who all the propaganda is directed at. What the government doesn’t tell people, however, is that the possible efficacy of these substances is very limited, not only in preventing transmission and symptoms of China virus, but in duration: maybe only 2 months. Thus the jabbed will need to be jabbed again and again, each time risking a serious adverse reaction like blood clots, but of course adding to Big Pharma’s enormous profits, which is the real motivation driving it.

Another big cause for concern is what the Jacinda government is ramming through parliament with its new Covid extension Bill which has much more draconian provisions than the one rammed through last year during Lockdown. The National Party has expressed its consternation about this further fascism — see this post

A warning one attendee mentioned is to be careful when attending anti-government protests of agent-provocateurs planted by police hierarchy. These are people who deliberately cause trouble in different ways, including by attacking uniformed police for Legacy Media covering the event to focus on and so give genuine protestors a bad image. As we’ve seen, this government is scurrilous and not to be trusted.

Another step VFF is taking is identifying Libertarian-friendly businesses for members to buy from, and likewise those run by Jacindanistas (like the Trax bar in Wellington Train Station), to avoid.