by Geoffrey Churchman

Life in Jacindaland gets simultaneously more exciting and depressing every day.

The announcement made by the Unholy Trinity today about teachers having to be jabbed with Pfizer’s concoction was a pivotal moment — grossly unfair and also complete nonsense. How anyone could think a non-sterilising jab — that doesn’t prevent anyone from catching or passing on this mild lurgy — is a logical or fair trade for job security and freedom?

The “Podium of Truth” must know that kids have a vanishingly rare chance of complications from the China virus.

How will Dear Leader’s school system for imposing her and Mahuta’s racist propaganda on kids next year (see Roger Childs’ article) cope if every teacher who thinks this useless and dangerous potion is not for them stands together and simply says “No”? There are an awful lot in this category, probably a lot more that the Unholy Trio above realise. 

There is a Voices for Freedom teacher’s group and it is one of the fastest-growing groups so far. And speaking of pivotal moments, on Sunday, believe it or not, Hospitality NZ advised the government it required a law to exempt companies from the Bill of Rights, Privacy Act and Human Rights Act. Yes, Stuff fundamental rights and freedoms! Dear Leader and Co. will of course be happy to oblige them.

The many doctors and nurses opposed to this will probably join the exodus out of Jacindaland for better pay and conditions elsewhere, and who can blame them?

The fight against the Jacinda government is ramping up folks, stock up on the popcorn…