by Geoffrey Churchman

An article today on the heavily government-subsidized Newsroom website by Anuja Nadkarni asserts: “Covid-19 infected workers could sue bosses over poor health and safety.”

But it’s an extremely weak argument — how many successful such claims have there been for people who claimed to have caught the flu at work? How could they prove that was where they caught the infection? Unless maybe, the air conditioning system wasn’t properly maintained and it could be demonstrated that was the employer’s fault.

Generally, if the employer could be shown to have been willfully negligent on a health matter — like the KCDC and the mold in the former Waikanae library issue — a case could be argued. In that instance, however, although staff did complain of symptoms from it, there were fortunately no serious illnesses (at least from what we know.)

And in the case of the China virus, what about employees who have been jabbed with the so-called “vaccine” and still get the virus somewhere as has happened many, many times overseas? The Pfizer substance doesn’t stop transmission.

As we know from thousands of cases, if they have any symptoms at all, most people have the experience of a regular influenza which they recover from in a few days. Some, maybe 7-8%, need to be put in a hospital for a time but that happens/happened with regular flu too.

The case for direct employee compensation awards are extremely difficult with our ACC laws anyway.

Again, it’s obvious that this is just a part of the Jacinda government’s relentless scaremongering.