by Greg Rzesniowiecki

The recent Australian Employment Court minority decision by Deputy President Dean is important for the case. Dean’s opinion is that the majority decision is not based in law, It is also important for what he says about Covid jab mandates; Dean in Part Two (page 40) of his opinion offers that it is unlawful for an employer or the Australian Government to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations upon employees

I urge lawyers to consider its implications for law in New Zealand’s jurisdiction and elsewhere. As of now the NZ government hasn’t issued its Order that backs up the Media Statement issued by Chris Hipkins mandating early childhood teachers, teachers and hospital staff including nurses be forcibly jabbed or lose their jobs.

Dean’s categorical position is that the mandate is an unlawful imposition and thus unjust. It is educational and refreshing to hear wisdom and clear thinking leading to wise counsel from the judiciary. I recommend one reads from page 40 onwards to gain an appreciation of Justice Dean’s opinion on the injustice of Covid-19 ‘vaccine’ mandates.