Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Clarke Gayford have found themselves in a kerfuffle with an ‘insulated’ venue owner after the couple not only dumped their original wedding location, but then also refused to pay the $5000 cancellation fee.

Robin Pierson, owner of the Bushmere Arms venue, says Ardern and Gayford booked the venue almost two years ago, but talks then broke down over catering by a Kiwi celebrity chef.

‘Jacinda and Clarke came here two years ago, she sat on the barstool and said, ‘We’d like to book our wedding here,’’ Pierson told the Herald on Sunday.

‘Jacinda told me, ‘Peter Gordon has always said he wanted to be involved in my wedding’ to which I said, ‘I’ll have a free cooking lesson any day,’ thinking it would be a collaborative effort and we would be working together.’

When it was revealed that Pierson would not be involved with the catering, he says he not only felt ‘insulted’ by the dealings, but frustrated that the couple is now refusing to pay the cancellation fee.

‘They have offered me $1200 and I’ve yet to get back to them. They say my fee is ‘unfounded’ but it’s not up to them to tell me what my cancellation fee is.’

One user mused: ‘Easy to spend money that’s not yours, has no perception of that cost.’

‘What a pity she doesn’t take that attitude when she’s throwing taxpayers money around,’ said another.

Article on Newstalk ZB

Blogger Cameron Slater says: “On October 12 I posted this to Twitter and FB: ‘From my tipline: Several high profile wedding venues in Gisborne have REFUSED to host Jacinda Ardern’s wedding, among them Bushmere Estate. 2 venues fear damaging their brand by having JA there and one refused to give in to JA’s ‘conditions’ (bringing her own chefs, own security). Out of 4 potential venues in Gisborne, 3 have refused and one is on the brink. Interesting if true.’ Turns out I was right.”

Well, Harry Tam would no doubt be happy to organize something for the Mongrel Mob’s biggest fan at Mob HQ, or she could go to North Korea for it and meet the other Dear Leader… —Eds