from the NZ Herald

Denise and David Direen working on their adopted plot of land near the Nuhaka St entrance to the estuary. Photo / Rosalie Willis

The Waikanae Estuary Care Group has started “adopt-a-plot” to encourage residents living near the estuary to help care for plants in the area.

After looking at various ways of getting water to the different areas to improve the survival rates of young plants once planted, the care group could not find any feasible options.

“Watering is perhaps one of the main reasons for the plants not surviving, followed by frost and weed encroachment,” said nursery manager Sandy Collings.

“We looked at various ways of getting water to the different areas and it was not feasible.

“DoC has repeatedly said they want more community involvement and acknowledge the difficulty in looking after such a large area, so we are getting residents to adopt a plot along the estuary to look after.

“We are very lucky to have a great group of volunteers who are willing and able to help share the load.”

The Waikanae Estuary Care Group works alongside the council and the Department of Conservation to restore more than 75ha of native plant habitat at the Waikanae Estuary Scientific Reserve.

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