by Karl Bedford

Well done, Jacinda.

Your lasting legacy as a Prime Minister will be…”The Prime Minister who divided the nation! A leader who created the most division and discrimination in all of New Zealand’s history.”

It’s blatantly obvious that your “Be Kind” catchphrase was nothing more than an act, as there is nothing kind about turning family against family, employers against employees, businesses against customers, friends against friends, doctors against doctors, teachers against teachers, South Island against North Island, and the whole country against Auckland.

Never before in our country have we known so much anger, division, hate, conflict and contempt. And this is all at the hand of this controlling and abusive Labour government. This government has cushioned itself against the blow. They have turned this country inward and on itself, when really this country should be turning on this government who are the nutcrackers that allowed this virus to gain such easy access to our country in the first place. They have successfully turned Kiwis against Kiwis, distracting from the real problems and incompetencies this government show at every turn.The Traffic Light System announced Friday morning, might as well be called the ‘Segregation System’ as that’s exactly what it is.

To hear from Jacinda….”If you want summer, if you want a haircut, if you want to go to the gym……get vaccinated. If you don’t, these will be everyday things you miss out on.

It could also be likened to seeing a modern-day Apartheid. Once upon a time society segregated blacks and whites. These days it is now vaxxed versus unvaxxed. This has to leave a bad taste in the mouth of every common-sense Kiwi, regardless of whether you are pro-vax, vax hesitant or anti-vax.

How have we segregated our society, so quickly, with very little fight from the public?

They are marginalising a whole sector of New Zealand based on an individual’s personal choice. A choice that is protected under the New Zealand Bill of Rights. This has little to do with covid, this is everything about losing our freedom of choice.

If you value the freedom to choose, you must now stand up, and step up!

These smug politicians think that docile little Kiwis will just let this ride, and we’ll say nothing. We’ll just blindly follow this government like good little mindless sheep. But there will be riots in New Zealand streets from everyday Kiwis…it’s only a matter of time. And it will all be Jacinda’s fault.

Thousands of New Zealanders are frustrated and finally waking up to the madness that is this government.