✨ What if not having a ‘vaccine’ passport meant that you could no longer go to a restaurant and instead were forced to have picnics and dinner parties?

✨ What if not having a ‘vaccine’ passport meant that instead of supporting huge supermarket chains where 80% of the food is rubbish, you instead had to turn to your local farmers and greengrocers?

✨ What if not being allowed to fly meant that instead, you had to explore your own beautiful province or road trip through the countryside? Bringing business back to small towns along the way.

✨ What if losing your job working for a company meant that instead, you got to start building your passion and vision, start your own business, and keep the income generated for yourself?

✨ What if instead of running straight to the doctor you started looking into other healing modalities that focused on the cause instead of the symptoms?

✨ What if instead of being stuck indoors training in a gym you trained among nature and in the fresh air and sunshine?

💛 What if… instead of living in fear, you LIVED and started realising that these could be silver linings and blessings in disguise.

(thanks to a reader)✨

The above should have a positive impact on household budgets too. —Eds