Satire from the Babylon Bee–

Talks of hyperinflation have been on the rise lately, and some of you may be wondering whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. Well, you’re in luck because the trained economists of the Babylon Bee put together this simple list proving how enjoyable hyperinflation really is:

1) With your cash now worthless, you now have plenty of toilet paper: Save yourself all those awful toilet paper runs to Costco! 

2) Become an origami expert: make little swans and lovely cranes out of your cash! It will at least triple its worth.

3) You can finally get rid of that pesky belly fat: Because no food. 

4) “Hyperinflation” sounds really cool: Like when Luke Solo drove his Millennium Falcon into “hyperspace” in the Star Wars movie. Neat! 

5) Achieve your lifelong goal of becoming a millionaire: You don’t even have to travel to Venezuela! Unfortunately, a double cheeseburger also costs a million dollars.

6) Make lifelong friends while chatting in the bread line: There’s no better bonding experience than standing in a breadline and then fighting off a gang of machete-wielding thugs trying to take your bread.

7) Swole biceps from hauling wheelbarrows of cash just to buy a Hot Pocket*: *It will be used to heat your home. 

8) Great job security: As long as you work at a money printing press.

9) You finally have an excuse to cash in that unsightly gold tooth: Ka-CHING! 

10) Equity at last: Thanks to hyperinflation, everyone will soon be on the same level of starvation and death. Yay for equity! 

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