“ARDERNSKI comrade, we sent you to the comrade training school. You got the certificate saying you had spoken the word “comrade” 14 times in a sentence.

“We had faith in you, Comrade ARDERNSKI….you are failing us! Too much kindness Comrade ARDERNSKI! Imagine if Comrade STALIN — our beloved Josef — was that kind!

“Comrade Stalin had to murder more comrades in Russia than were killed by anyone else in the 2nd World War, comrade. Look how that turned out for us. So comrade, harden up. Get the Stasi comrades to do their jobs, comrade. Water cannon, comrade! Rubber bullets, comrade! Bread and water in the cells comrade! Oh and comrade, get rid of the comrade television presenter who asks hard questions! And Comrade ARDERNSKI, the Pravda fund needs topping up! You have one week comrade — do not say you weren’t warned, comrade. It might be a slow train to Invercargill or Siberia for you comrade and since it is a communist train, make that a very slow train, comrade.”

(modified comment on the BFD)