As usual, the artists’ studios are open both Saturday and Sunday over both weekends, 10 am–4 pm, free entry. And as usual, some artists included in it are old favourites — and some are new.

The whole guide can be downloaded here (pdf)

New Waikanae artist listings this year are:-

Hamish Macaulay – 6 Matipo Street, Waikanae

“In his stunning artworks that combine painting, printmaking, mixed media, and digital manipulation, Hamish expresses his love of the New Zealand landscape, and how angular modernist architectural forms interact with nature.

“Newly returned to Kāpiti after a 14-year career in London, Hamish has exhibited in the UK, New York, and New Zealand, including a recent solo show in the “Art Everywhere” initiative in Kiwibank at Coastlands. His works are held in private collections in the UK, USA, Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.”

Isabel Fernandes-Day – 18 Weggery Drive, Waikanae Beach

“Step into Isabel’s magical world in her fabulous cottage garden and studio at her Waikanae Beach home. Vividly coloured and characterful garden ceramics abound, and her studio displays an array of domestic ware alongside intriguing harakeke and felt creations.Born in Mozambique where she initially learned to paint, sculpt, and sew, Isabel then lived in South Africa and the UK before settling in New Zealand in 1999.

“The extraordinary light and natural environment in her new home in Kāpiti inspired her to pick up her art and develop her work with clay and with fibre. Her bright, unique, organic art is influenced by the patterns in nature, by flora and fauna, her Portuguese and African background, and the sea.

“Isabel completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Raranga) at Te Wananga O Aotearoa in 2012 and loves working with harakeke. Isabel now combines her own art practice of over 50 years with teaching.”

Selwyn Palmer | SP-artstudio – 4 Arlington Avenue, Waikanae

“Using indigenous carving and painting techniques and styles from Solomon Islands, Selwyn produces traditional and contemporary artworks that reflect his relationship with nature, the Pacific Ocean, and also that are inspired by social issues.

“Practising mainly in the Pacific over the last thirty years, he brings a varied range of styles and techniques not commonly seen in Aotearoa New Zealand.

“Selwyn will display his carving and other art in his Waikanae garden, next to his studio workshop.”

Graeme D. Hitchcock – 54 Kotare Street, Waikanae

“Graeme has returned to the Arts Trail after a few years away, in which he travelled to several countries to work and exhibit. An artist of over 20 years’ career, his work features instantly recognisable figures and themes, both indoor art – brightly coloured glass figures and paintings, and large outdoor sculptures.

“In his studio on the eastern Waikanae hills set in his magnificent garden and looking out to the coast, Graeme triggers fresh inspiration for his art through constantly creating. Each artwork has a story behind it, reflecting Graeme’s interest in the range of human emotion and spiritual themes.

“Graeme exhibits throughout New Zealand and abroad, and has artworks in the Wallace Arts Trust collection in Auckland.”

Jenny Pritchard | Jenny’s Studio – 11 Pine Ridge Terrace, Waikanae Beach

“In a Waikanae Beach hill studio, Jenny produces appealing watercolour paintings and hand-painted cards, in a range of styles.

“Realising her lifelong ambition to practise art in the last ten years, Jenny draws inspiration from nature as well as colour, shapes, still life, and experimenting with a variety of techniques.”

John Holden | John’s Studio – 27 Hona Street, Waikanae Beach

“Experimenting with style and different mediums, most recently house paint, John creates paintings centred around ground-figure shift – where the eye sees a scene and simplifies it to a main object.

“John often creates a series exploring a particular medium and theme, with previous explorations including artworks painted in oils, acrylics, pastels, chalk, sand, metal filings, tissue paper, and sandpaper. John is currently working in black and white, and figure.

“John studied at Hungry Creek Art School and The Learning Connection to Level 7, and has been pursuing his art practice for 20 years. He works from his studio at his home in Waikanae Beach.”

Josh MacKinnon | Josh MacKinnon’s Studio – 4 Atua Street, Waikanae Beach

“Working from his studio a few moments from the northern Waikanae Beach seashore, Josh draws and paints diverse and fantastically detailed images of New Zealand and exotic invertebrates, including the iconic Huhu bug, the Katipō spider, and our rare Giant Snail.

“Josh has been practising as a professional artist for four years. He is gathering a national and international audience, and has received praise for the intricacy of his art. His work is influenced by his keen interest in nature, science, and science fiction, and is occasionally offbeat, showing futuristic views of nature.”

Karen McCall | Organic Design Studio – 497b Te Moana Road, Waikanae 

“In creating new and highly individual artworks to wear or display, Karen gives new life to discarded or unwanted jewellery, watches & mementos with each creation.

“Karen has been creating original mosaics and jewellery for 10 years, working out of the studio she shares with sister Sarah Shaw, also on the Arts Trail. She frequently creates pieces for clients, including memorial pieces that reflect the stories the family tell Karen about their loved one. In other cases, she is inspired by the pieces of vintage jewellery she is working with to create a joyous new work.

“Please note that nearby parking is available at Waikanae Park and Ride (access from Te Moana Rd or Marae Lane), or on the street around the corner and across the road.”

Kim Entwisle | Twisle Designs – 166 Field Way, Waikanae Beach

“In her north Waikanae Beach studio, you will be able to see how Kim works with glass, silver, and fire to create Intricate, decorative, and colourful jewellery.

“Kim has been designing and creating jewellery for 13 years, learning from some of the most talented glass artists around the world and jewellery artists here in New Zealand.

“Kim’s jewellery captures in stunningly coloured beads and superbly crafted silver her love of New Zealand landscapes, coastlines and flora.”

Mariana Collette – 24 Weggery Drive, Waikanae Beach

“Mariana’s striking paintings are inspired by colour, shape, and narrative. Visitors to her studio at her home in Waikanae Beach will be impressed by the variety of subjects and styles in her artworks.

“Mariana began painting four years ago, using her late father’s paints, brushes, canvases, and easel, to honour his dream to become a full-time artist after he retired. She works intuitively to create her contemporary and expressive paintings.”

Michelle Retimana Studio Gallery & Garden Art – 83 Rutherford Drive, Waikanae Beach

“On the dunes of the northernmost part of Waikanae Beach, Michelle’s amazing home and garden is the setting for her remarkable free-standing and wall-hung ceramic, bronze, and mixed media sculptures, many of which you can see as you walk up her drive.

“Michelle is an Elected Artist member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts and her work is regularly selected for national, regional, private, and charity exhibitions and awards. An artist all her life, initially self-taught, Michelle has honed her artistic techniques through many years of experimenting and practice. She has exhibited her work in galleries in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

“Signature styles are evident in her Bronze Dancer series, inspired by Cirque du Soleil performers, and her Whale Tail and Koru ceramics based on her emotional, spiritual, and historic connection with Māori whānau and New Zealand. Michelle also draws on form and repetition of patterns in nature for her “nature’s treasures series, and takes pride in making every piece unique.

“Please note: for safety reasons you will not be able to drive down the driveway during the Kāpiti Arts Trail.”

Owie Simpson – 38 Rauparaha St, Waikanae Beach

“Arresting abstracts, expressionistic, and part-realism are all part of Owie’s wide range of styles of oil painting and prints. Inspired by many diverse impressions and experiences from her travels, especially of different cultures, Owie has created several themed series, including three relating to ethnic fertility beliefs. 

“Owie originally trained at the Inverlochy Art School 17 years ago, and has continued to develop her art practice in England, USA, and New Zealand. She has exhibited in Wellington, Kāpiti and Auckland, and works from her studio gallery at her home in Waikanae Beach.

“Owie intersperses working on her painting series with carving woodblocks and drawing for silkscreen printmaking.”

Sara Boland Art Studio – 1 Kowhai Grove, Waikanae

“In her studio nestled in the back garden behind her home in Waikanae, Sara creates intricate, non-traditional fabric pieces that blur the line between Art and Craft, to explore and express quiet inner thoughts and feelings and the world around her.

“Basing her art practice mostly in Waikanae over more than 25 years, Sara has exhibited in local galleries, and in previous Arts Trails as part of the 100 Days – A Journey exhibitions.

“Graduating in 1994 with a Diploma in Visual Arts and Design, Sara’s initial main artistic outlet was jewellery design and creation. Seeking a change in direction after her children were born, she was inspired by the long family history of women creating with fabric and thread to make the shift to working with textiles and mixed media.

“Using traditional textile techniques in different ways to create her exquisite pieces, she finds slow hand-stitching a meditative activity to balance a busy family life.”

The Garage Gallery – 32 Tutere Street, Waikanae Beach

“Together at The Garage Gallery in Waikanae, two painters and one potter have gathered to recreate their Kāpiti studios, demonstrating their processes and showing paintings, drawings, limited edition prints and beautiful ceramics.

“Vivian, Jane, and Nicki also happen to be mother and two daughters – all three living and working on the Kāpiti Coast.”