Police investigated a drone flying in the Kapiti Coast Airport vicinity after a plane coming into land spotted it at approximately 500 ft.

Airport chief executive Chris Simpson said the activity was unauthorised.

“The person flying the drone had not notified us or sought our approval to fly in the airport air space which is incredibly dangerous,” Simpson said.

“It was flying right on the flight path and was seen by a plane that was landing. Control tower staff were required to alert Police to the incident who got there quickly but by the time they arrived the drone had gone.”

Simpson said the airport manager regularly received requests from people to fly drones in the airport vicinity.

“If they’re certified to fly a drone then we generally grant them approval once we’ve established where they can fly safely. But if we don’t know about the activity that puts pilots and members of the public on the ground in danger, as this incident has shown.

“I would urge any member of the public wanting to fly a drone near the airport to please get in touch with us first.”