One of several posts on the massive over-reaction by the present government to a mild respiratory virus is on Darryl Betts’ blog here.

It’s clear that the Jacinda government and/or its advisors have studied the mass propaganda and indoctrination of totalitarian regimes and have been utilizing the principles since early last year.

Quite why Jacinda and Company have set out to punish those who have declined to be injected with Pfizer’s experimental, dubious substance isn’t clear — maybe she’s trying to set a World’s highest Cv ‘vaccine’ jabbed percentage as one of her achievements?

There is simply no justification for her punishments — they show that behind the smiling face on her TV appearances there is a nasty uncaring Machiavellian attitude that those who choose to dissent from her ‘Team of 5 million’ are ‘deplorables’, as her good friend Hillary Clinton infamously described opponents in 2016.

This video looks at the phenomenon as it happened in Nazi Germany. Just as Dear Leader makes so-called ‘unvaccinated’ scapegoats, the Nazis made the Jews scapegoats for Germany’s ills; people to be removed from society.