Organised by the Freedoms & Rights Coalition, there must have been thousands in Parliament grounds to tell Jacinda & Co. to Stuff off. Particularly notable was the number of tangata whenua there. Creating racial division with the help of her bought and paid for Legacy Media has been a fundamental part of her strategy for the last 13 months, but this instead was a display of unity by Maori and Pakeha.

Although there are several causes of unhappiness, the biggest issue right now is the Jacinda Jab mandates and many speakers let her know that they are totally unjustified and unacceptable.


For those who want some black humour, Tova O’Brien of TV3’s take on it is here. It will be remembered that Jacinda is Tova’s messiah and Jacinda accordingly always invites questions from at her pressers, so the account is predictable. Would anyone fathom what the protest was all about from Tova’s report? Of course not: that’s the last thing the Lamestream Media want. ‘Anti-vax’ is their catch-all term and that’s it. Shallow, sensationalist misreporting, but that’s Tova and (Jessica of TV1) for you.