You may be aware of the sudden amendment late on Friday the 5th of November to the Covid-19 Public Health Act.

This change applies to workers in health care, education and corrections and means that a new exemptions process is in place. The changes are covered in 9B of the amendment and include:

A medical practitioner or nurse practitioner can apply for an exemption. The exemption must be sent to the Director General of Health, currently Ashley Bloomfield, for approval

Strict criteria have been announced that must be followed.

NZDSOS suggest that the rallying of our health practitioners, assessing those who requested an exemption, has put the government on the run.

Once again, they have hastily changed the legislation. This is devastating for countless individuals and their families who are now having to make very difficult decisions.

As clinicians we challenge this being in the best interests of the “public health” that they purport to hold dear.

A small light for those who work in telehealth.
Healthcare workers who do not work face to face (e.g. telephone or telehealth services, back office staff etc.) do not need to be vaccinated.

What NZDSOS Is Doing

The clinicians in the CovidHelp clinic are still assessing individuals for exemptions which can be provided to employees in industries other than Healthcare, Education and Corrections.

We can assess individuals for exemptions that they may want to use outside of their workplace. We are also providing much needed care for the vaccine-injured who are being ignored by government and we are sad to say, often their GPs.

We have, together with NZTSOS (New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out with Science), filed a high court case against the Minister for Covid-19 Response, the Director-General of Health and the Attorney-General. A very strong case is being presented to demonstrate that the vaccine mandates cannot be scientifically justified and are illegal.

Our media team is consolidating and preparing to get the message out to as many people as possible. We are working on radio and print advertisements, alongside digital and social media content. More New Zealanders need to know that they are not alone. A huge movement is building to reclaim our rights and entitlements to make personal health choices.

What You Can Do – It Is Time

Individuals can no longer avert their eyes and hope to go “back to normal”. Normality will not return even if 100% of New Zealanders are vaccinated. One only has to look at Israel and other countries to see that we will be forced into endless rounds of vaccination. Health authorities in New South Wales have just announced that vax passes will expire every 6 months and regular “booster” jabs are the “new normal”.

The evidence is now clear for the overwhelming majority, Covid-19 is a mild disease early treatment is successful. The vaccine does not stop the spread of Covid-19 and is causing injury and death.

It is time to stand united and get the message out to the government that we do not accept coerced medical procedures.

This is what you can do:

* attend peaceful events where we can make our voices heard

* undertake legal action where employers insist on vaccines

* submit a health and safety incident report regarding psychological distress due to coercion by employers

* submit a religious or spiritual exemption.

While not covered in the Act, it may buy time with employers apply to be in the international vaccine control group. Although this is unlikely to be a way to keep your job if you are under the Order, you may be able to get into a café.

Our legal, media and clinic costs are considerable. However, every dollar has an impact.

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We are standing together, speaking out and helping to make health a priority again.

Stand with us. The Ardern government is on the run. Their narrative is beginning to crack — and that is how the light gets in.