Yesterday, the government made yet another series of announcements of announcements about what will happen to New Zealand in the summer months.

I’m sorry to report that despite the government moving New Zealand into a “traffic light” framework from some point in December – no changes were announced for New Zealand’s cruel and inhumane MIQ system.

That’s right – the lottery of human misery that is MIQ will continue on into 2022.

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The government used to say that MIQ couldn’t end because people would come into New Zealand and move around the country, particularly out of Auckland. The government’s announcements yesterday have shattered that argument, but they won’t do the next logical thing and end MIQ at the same time.

Yesterday morning Chris Hipkins, in answering my questions before the Health Committee, called New Zealanders coming home “cumulative risks”. The Prime Minister repeated the language just an hour or so later. This is how the government views fully vaccinated travellers to New Zealand with no covid – they’re not human beings with human rights, they’re just “cumulative risks”.

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I gave MIQ a blast in Parliament on Tuesday. Had a lot of nice emails about my speech — you can see it here and here.