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“This heartless Government may not be interested in why thousands of educators across the country are laying down their careers after decades in education, but we sure do,” said Mike Shaw Spokesperson for NZTSOS Inc.

NZTSOS Inc. says the results from its Educational Mandate Snapshot Survey conducted over the last 10 days has provided some crucial information as to why some of our finest educators felt compelled to leave their career in education, some after 20 or more years in the job.

To date, just over 2100 respondents from ECE, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Principals, Psychologists, Board Members, MoE staff, Learning Assistants, relievers, ground staff, and more, have completed the NZTSOS Inc. survey, with more completing the survey daily.

“If the Government aren’t interested in the size of the crisis looming in schools for 2022, they should be. It was important to note that 90.9% of respondents cited freedom of choice as their biggest reason for opposing this Governments dictatorial mandate”. He went on to say: “Of the respondents surveyed, 1498 have a university education. These highly educated people are able to assess the information being trolleyed out by this Government and make their own decision. 40 of these respondents are Principals, what a huge loss to the sector.”

81.9% of those surveyed had uncertainty around the efficacy of the vaccine during this trial stage. A further 81.9% were uncertain about the long term effects of the vaccine. 32 respondents have had Covid and so have natural immunity but are still being mandated to take the jab or no job. It’s the Governments own lack of transparency and honesty around the vaccine that has caused this tragic debacle”.

Like NFL player Aaron Rodgers said, ‘If the vaccine is so great, then how come people are still getting Covid and spreading Covid and, unfortunately, dying from Covid’? —, Keith Lynch, Nov 21 2021, Covid-19 NZ: Why the Vaccines Imperfections Matter — said Shaw.

Many in the organisation are wondering about the Governments timing of the Mandate rollout, why now with Christmas only 5 weeks away. “That is heartless, and this Government has now turned on the team of 5 million and some of those who have given the most during 2 years of uncertainty and lock-down, teachers and educators”, said Shaw.

NZTSOS Inc., is not anti-vax, and we will stand with the teachers, families and communities affected by the consequences of this forced vaccination mandate.

“We stand against the culture of division the government has created across Aotearoa”. We will continue standing, speaking out and fighting for our members and on behalf of all those living this nightmare.”

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We wonder if the Jacinda government is actually happy to see them go as they only want teachers obedient to their regime to indoctrinate children in their Hard Left ideology and their new biased and distorted curricula? —Eds