by Andrew Atkin

I know almost certainly that I am about to lose my job because I will refuse the current available Covid ‘vaccination’.

I will not say who my employer is because it’s irrelevant and I don’t need to bring attention to them, and in no way do I want to leave them on a bad note.

When I lose my job it will be because of the government – not my employer. When the ‘vaccination’ drama blows over I might well like to reapply for my current job. Hence I want to leave, when I do, on the best possible terms.

Why Am I Prepared to Lose My Job to Avoid ‘Vaccination’?

Firstly, because I can afford to. I have no debt, no mortgage, no kids, and no costly dependencies. I am lucky. Others will take the jab because they simply can’t afford to lose their income. It’s sad, but so be it.

I believe absolutely that no one should be receiving this ‘vaccine’ if they do not believe it is safe, which is a sentiment shared by countless medical professionals. This is not what our government thinks and they’ve decided that they know best. I don’t agree. 

On Health Grounds.

It is factual that mRNA technology is highly novel in humans. It’s invasive (not a topical cream) and still in an experimental stage of development. This means there’s a substantial risk of nasty surprises being discovered over the next couple of years. No one can logically deny this.

If the ‘vaccine’ was new and essentially traditional, not novel, then I would be less concerned. But that is not what we’re dealing with, with mRNA ‘vaccines’.

Already, independent researchers are sounding the alarm, and have asserted that their preliminary findings indicate that spike-proteins are damaging microcapillaries (the leaves on the body-tree, basically) which will (supposedly) raise blood pressure and could lead to serious long-term health problems, including death. There are also concerns with lipid-Nano particles undermining the negative charge of red blood cells, making them stick to each other in strange and dysfunctional ways. And more.

Substantiated or not, this is the point: We need to wait for long-term testing with any highly novel and invasive treatment. This is not ‘hesitancy’ – it’s [now abandoned] standard practice. It’s the reason why long-term testing was, and is, historically demanded. We simply have to wait to discover the surprises. 

The absence of long-term testing is why mRNA vaccines are classed as experimental. They’re only supposed to be used when the health risk of catching Covid is more serious than the speculated risk of the ‘vaccine’ itself. You know…

“Well hey, if Covid is going to kill me when it comes, and it will, then I might as well take my chances with this radical ‘vaccine’”.
 Fair enough, but this only makes sense for the most vulnerable.

I am not a vulnerable person. I’m 46 years old and in excellent health. The risk of myself getting hospitalised is practically zero, going by our best statistics. A ‘vaccinated’ motorcyclist might be around 100x more likely to take up an ICU bed than an ‘unvaccinated’ me.

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Note this was written a month ago and his being told to go has probably happened, however, the statements still apply. —Eds