This came to me before I retired last night

“I have some pretty bad news. A friend of mine who is on leave from army said they are a bit broken. They were part of a large deployment up far North to surround an aboriginal community. They said multiple units were ordered to surround aboriginal village to stop any escaping.

“They said a lot of colleagues, we are disgusted as they had to watch the indigenous being forced down and held and jabbed by the medical military. A lot of them were so disgusted at the orders given to them. I asked why didn’t you stand down. Military are supposed to protect the people, not harm them against their will. This is treason. So fkn. angry.

This person is suffering PTSD. On leave from it. They have been warned that if they disobeyed, ramifications will be implemented. Some military are breaking down. I was so absolutely angry. I asked why you are disclosing this. They said because they are going to start with indigenous first and it will be covered up and silenced. I said they and those commanders and c..ts above them are committing treason. At first I thought they were taking the piss out of me. But they weren’t.

They confided because it is messing with some of their heads. Some are on leave as they rotate for stress. Absolutely f**king disgusted. Treason. They can get themselves in a lot of trouble now for telling me this. I am sick to the stomach. If they are doing this to indigenous by force what the f**k are they going to do with suburbans. I am deeply disturbed and stressed out.

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Canadian First Nations women & children are fleeing into the bush to avoid the military and their forced vaccination. Please watch & share far & wide as requested by them.

(Note it is being censored on social media by muting.)

I have seen videos to date of similar happening in India, Indonesia and in South America… vax teams accompanied by the military and literally chasing folk down to force jab them. One man chased onto his roof. Links below (WARNING: GRAPHIC, not for the faint hearted!):

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