by Geoffrey and Eva Churchman

In a delightful landscaped garden set in native bush on the Waikanae side of the Akatawara Road not far from the crest, engineer Emile van der Merwe occupies a modest two storey cottage largely devoid of mod cons that those in the town take for granted.

An immigrant from South Africa, Emile says that New Zealand under this government now reminds him of what South Africa was like in the Apartheid era — a society where what rights you had were determined by your skin colour, it was all controlled by a small number of elites, and there was heavy official censorship.  In the time before the internet, there were very limited means of finding out what was really going on and after the fall of Apartheid, he learned that what the government had been telling everyone contained many falsehoods.

Now in Jacindaland, the experience of South Africa has led him to challenge the government narrative, which he is highly distrustful of. “The podium of truth” is anything but.

One medical expert he is very impressed with is South African doctor Shankara Chetty who has successfully treated nearly 7,000 covid patients, and who Emile has been in touch with.  Emile arranged a podcast recently on the Voices For Freedom site with Dr Shankara Chetty which we posted about at the time.

Emile’s website promotes Dr Chetty and his findings. The “8 days” refers to a key discovery he made, the 8th Day allergic reaction to covid, which can be treated with antihistamines and steroids

Like the Ian Bradford articles on Climate Change we’ve posted, Emile plans to present a series on the major aspects of this pandemic.