It’s hardly surprising as KCDC loves traffic lights: it earned the dubious distinction of creating NZ’s most dense section of traffic lights along Kapiti Road in Paraparaumu and is going to install another completely unnecessary set at the corner of Main Road and Ngaio Road in Waikanae, despite the strong objection of locals.

We rather like the idea of Covidians wearing masks in the council swimming pools, it will make them look like the twits they are.

Can’t the bureaucrats see that these physical distance rules plus pieces of face cloth simply state that they don’t believe the so-called ‘vaccines’ work? So why bother with them? As we’ve pointed out many times with hard facts, the pieces of cloth are useless, too.

As for ‘Deadly Delta’ —

From what we can work out from the Ministry of Health website, there have been about 9,000 cases of it since mid-August (most of them in Auckland) of which about 3,000 have recovered and 6,000 are active.

Officially recorded deaths since mid-August are 18, but that figure includes all deaths where the person had a positive PCR test (they test all dead people) no matter whether or not covid was the primary cause. In fact it’s unlikely that in any of these 18 deaths it was the main cause — they died with covid, not from it.

Delta just isn’t deadly at all.