The Kiwis for Choice website has been set up in response to Jacinda’s Junk Jab mandate to inform customers looking for Libertarian-friendly businesses to support.

The only business types that legally have to abide by the Jacinda mandate are bars, restaurants, cafés of the sit-down type, gyms and hairdressers. Other businesses don’t have to, but whether out of ignorance or loyalty to their idol many unfortunately are. This directory is a way for anti-Fascist business owners to announce that fact.

Some businesses — grocers, supermarkets, pharmacies, fuel stations — are not allowed to discriminate. Public transport operators can’t either.

The only café we know in Kapiti that has so far told Jacindanistas to Stuff off is Perching Parrott in Paekakariki, but to avoid trouble from Jacinda snitchers this solves the issue by not letting anyone inside the premises, instead it takes orders at a hatch and then delivers the items ordered at another hatch. In the meantime customers can sit at an outside table and when the items arrive at the other hatch, they can continue to sit there or go to another public seat.

What about hairdressers? There are some you can visit at home, we hope to provide details of who they are shortly

Businesses that want to register can do so easily on this site.