Millions of new patients in different countries with a heart condition. Just following a mass ‘vaccination’ program, involving ‘vaccines’ known to cause heart issues. How is the Jacinda government and its wrecked health system going to cope with this problem she, Hipkins and Bloomfield have caused?

For the moment we are getting excuses — “post-pandemic stress disorder”, “poor diet”, “cannabis”…

from Breitbart

Senior doctors in London say Britain faces a time-bomb of up to 300,000 new patients with heart conditions – which they attribute to “post-pandemic stress disorder”.

“I’ve seen a big increase in thrombotic-related vascular conditions in my practice. Far younger patients are being admitted and requiring surgical and medical intervention than prior to the pandemic,” said senior vascular surgeon Tahir Hussain, who works at Northwick Park Hospital, a major National Health Service (NHS) general hospital managed by the London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust.

“I believe many of these cases are a direct result of the increased stress and anxiety levels caused from the effects of PPSD,” he added, abbreviating “post-pandemic stress disorder” in the same way post-traumatic stress disorder is abbreviated.

“We also have evidence that some patients have died at home from conditions such as pulmonary embolism and myocardial infarction. I believe this is related to many people self-isolating at home with no contact with the outside world and dying without getting the help they needed,” he told the Evening Standard.

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from Wilder Wealthy Wise

The endgame of the ‘Rona may be near.

“Two weeks to stop the spread” has now been going on for 630 days.  “The Jab” got its Emergency Use Authorization about a year ago.  And now, the latest stats I’ve seen show 59% of the people in the country have double-jabbed, and 69% have had at least one dose.

But what are the consequences?  I would give you a conspiracy theory, but let’s face it:  in 2021, conspiracy theories should be called what they really are:  plot spoilers.

Honestly, the impact of the vaxx is not fully known, and probably won’t be for years.  But there have been a stunning series of news stories showing up that tell us that whatever problems are causing the wave of excess deaths, it is certainly, completely, and utterly not the mRNA gene therapy causing it.

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Here is yet another NZ example: a 33-year-old Rotorua woman who was fit and healthy… until she got Jacinda’s Junk Jabs.