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A core principle of journalism is the willingness to protect the weak from the powerful, and to always hold those in power to account. When journalists start working for the powerful, they forfeit their right to be called such, and are no longer part of that profession. They become propagandists.

Anne Frank (Jewish) died in a Nazi concentration camp after being discovered hiding in an attic in Amsterdam in 1944. She wrote her diary while in hiding.

Unfortunately, most journalists today fall into this category. At the core of this change is the education system, which has been under the control of the left now for some decades.

Primary (and even pre-school) education cleaves a huge cultural gap between kids and their parents, and if pupils even finish, they graduate as knuckle dragging robots devoid of conventional Christian morality and any true knowledge of Western history.

These sausage factory drones then go on to university, where in lieu of any real education, their heads are further pumped full of “progressive” doctrine, whence they are finally given the stamp of approval as accorded by some useless and phony degree, and pumped out into the workforce.

The worst of this process is the delusion of the victims, who regard themselves as educated, when in fact they are anything but, and their lives steadily go down the shitter until one day they finally awake to how they have been conned by a system irretrievably perverted by the left. Many never awake.

Nowhere is this massive failure of social process more obvious than in the existing organisation we call “the media”. Within this cartel, failures are so manifest its hard to pick a real standout example, but the drug using Patrick Gower is perhaps one of the most prominent.

Mr Gower’s career has been a prime example of what a journalist should not be, in that on almost every occasion he has drawn our attention, he has been attacking lesser mortals challenging the powerful status quo.

Most notoriously, he attacked free speech campaigners and multi-cultural contrarians Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern, where unfortunately for Mr Gower, his limitations in respect of critical thinking and even basic political understanding were made all too obvious.

He has since attempted to recover from this massive embarrassment by persistently flailing about over the mythical threat of “white supremacy”, which is if we take him at his word, is about to plunge the country into civil war. Nonsense of course, but with NZ media, its just one more example of the politicised fabrications that have led to their well earned disrepute.

(In fact communist radicals posing as representatives of “Maori” and connived at by the Ardern govt and her tame Police Commissioner are far more of a threat to the country’s security. Especially with checkpoints that are a clear moral breach of the Human Rights Act, but of course media and Paddy are quite happy about that.)

Gower’s reptilian deceit in going “undercover” to expose a woman doctor attempting to help patients frightened of the never ending covid19 ‘vaccination’ process is just one more example of his cowardly penchant for attacking the weak and defending the powerful. Reading of the deception involved, its not hard to imagine him helping Hitler’s thugs track down Anne Frank in Germany circa 1944, or helping in the persecution of Sophie Scholl, executed about the same time as Anne for distributing anti-Nazi pamphlets.

His arrogant self deceit in persecuting the doctor is underpinned by his historical ignorance of the counter argument. So plainly demonstrated in the Molyneux-Southern episode, where he was left gasping when asked a perfectly reasonable question by Lauren.

Just like there were reasons to oppose the status quo Nazism in wartime Germany, or the staus quo Communism there (East Germany) after the war, so are there reasons for people to be uneasy with the status quo ‘vaccination’ regime.

There are a thousand questions unanswered by govts forcing (in breach of all human rights) this so called “remedy” upon its citizens. Too many to be completely addressed here. The main issues are:

  • the actual efficiency of the vaccines measured against the risk of taking them,
  • the natural insecurities people feel after learning the adverse effects have not been fully disclosed,
  • the true death rates from the virus have also been intentionally smoke screened
  • vaccine manufacturers appear to have had undue influence with health authorities
  • cheaper, easier and less invasive medicinal remedies appear to have been dismissed for political reasons

What are citizens to do when they read that US Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) has addressed the US Chief Medical Advisor thus:

“I ask a simple question, did Dr. Fauci’s response work? 788,000 lives lost, many because he ignored and sabotaged early treatment using cheap, available, generic drugs in favor of a vaccine that is not as safe or effective as we all hoped it would be”.

Or that Adelaide Crows’ football team director Nick Takos has resigned from his position, criticizing the Australian Football League’s “forceful” mandatory cv-19 ‘vaccination’ policy. This after one of his players who was refused a exemption, was rushed to hospital with pericarditis (swelling of the outer tissue of the heart) after being ‘vaccinated’.

Don Brash calls Patrick Gower a “deceitful bastard”

Paddy Gower’s deceit would be hard to stomach even if he did not profess to be a journalist. However, Paddy is not by any means alone. His Stasi/Nazi style operation against the dissenting doctor has been enthusiastically endorsed by his peers.

NZ’s democracy is in tatters and our social fabric perhaps irreparably rent asunder because of the corruption of journalism, and because those who claim to be practicing it today clearly do not have one idea of its true principles.

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