from the BBC

Dame Maureen Lipman has said comedy is in danger of being “wiped out” due to fears over being cancelled.

She told the BBC she believes comedians are now so worried about offending, “a revolution” is taking place.

“It’s in the balance whether we will ever be funny again,” she said.

Her comments come as more than half of Britons say they have stopped themselves from expressing political and social views for fear of being judged.

A YouGov poll seen exclusively by the BBC found 57% of those asked said they censor themselves on issues including immigration and trans rights, particularly if their views are deemed at the less politically correct end of the spectrum.

YouGov questioned 1,677 people in mid November to find out their views on what’s become known as “cancel culture”.

It is a term, first used in the US, to describe attempts to block or “cancel” people or groups with certain viewpoints.

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