Inside the Paraparaumu Library. (KCDC)

A key answer at present: you don’t have to show that you’ve been injected with an experimental highly dubious substance touted as a ‘vaccine’ to use the latter, but in most of the country local councils have decided that you have to show a certificate to visit a library.

Does it make any sense? Of course not, but none of the ‘vaccine’ certificate absurdity is about health, instead it’s all about control of the population and obedience to everything the Jacinda government does.


an article on the BFD by Richard Hume (about Auckland but the same applies in Kapiti)–

The premise behind the vaccine mandates (and indeed all Covid restrictions) is that they are temporary risk-based measures to protect public safety.  Yet when I look around New Zealand, I see very little correlation between the measures imposed by entities, relative to the level of risk presented by unvaccinated people. In fact, I would go a step further and say that there is reasonable evidence that the positions taken by a lot of organisations are phoney.

This is apparent when you encounter organisations that on one hand preach extreme measures against the unvaccinated, while on the other hand take on lots of risk relating to Covid spread in other contexts, as and when it suits them. 

An example of an important public sector organisation that I would accuse of speaking with a forked tongue in this regard is Auckland Council.  

Recently I dropped into one of the North Shore libraries. The place was almost deserted and if I had been looking to take some books out, I could have checked them out on their machine without interacting with anyone. Because a library is largely a self-service facility, in a space where distancing is easy I would describe the risk presented by an unvaccinated person using a library as low.  

I would also say that if unvaccinated people want to read books at home, that is about the lowest risk activity they could undertake, so if I was a Government that was genuinely worried about the risks posed by unvaccinated people, I would take steps to facilitate them reading as many books at home as they wanted.

However, as far as Auckland Council is concerned, the idea of an unvaccinated person taking away some books to read at home without interacting with anyone presents an unacceptable risk to the vaccinated. Therefore when I visited the library on that day they had a woman stationed in the foyer scrupulously checking everyone’s vaccine pass as they came in, just in case someone from the tiny portion of the unvaccinated population of the North Shore tried to slip in (great use of ratepayer money).  

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