It’s been an odd start to the New Year hasn’t it? If you’re like us, the traditional “Happy New Year” hard to say and harder to hear, with all the tyranny we’re subjected to, not least of which is the imminent jab roll out to our precious under 12s scheduled to start next week. 

At the same time, we do really feel a strong sense that the tide it turning. That all of the work we’ve put in (and by we, we mean you and us and every freedom fighter globally), that this mahi is making a difference. They simply cannot get away pretending the Emperor has new clothes when we (and our children) keep pointing out the Emperor is most certainly naked. 

2022 will be the year Kiwis stand up en masse and begin creating positive, nurturing and fulfilling communities for our children. To that end, we are working hard on the various Rebuild Free projects including the Kids Play Initiative. (Keep an eye on your Inbox for a special email on that coming soon). Local VFF groups are humming, and we’re so motivated to hear about many new, positive ventures getting off the ground up and down the country. If you’re not involved in your local group yet, there’s no time like now – because you most certainly have skills that your community needs as part of rebuilding freedom.

The government Medsafe’s own figures to 4 December 2021; the Health Forum NZ figures are significantly greater.

Most Urgently Though. We Need Your Help To Stop The Jab Rollout For Kids. 

The rollout for kids is deeply troubling. More than half a million paediatric doses of the Pfizer jab have arrived in New Zealand, and our hearts break for all the children unwittingly participating in this terrible experiment. Still, we are encouraged to hear that for many parents and caregivers, injecting small children with an experimental concoction offering little to no benefit is the line they refuse to cross.  

Alongside taking steps to create a country where we can all survive and thrive no matter our medical choices, it’s essential to continue challenging the government’s overreach and dangerous decision-making. For this reason we are supporting the filing of urgent legal action challenging the decision to approve the rollout to 5-11 year olds.

Top legal counsel and leading international experts (Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Tess Lawrie among them) have been engaged. We will have more news shortly but in the meantime, you can keep updated with the case below. It would be incredible for the next couple of weeks if we could pull together and take significant action on an individual and group level to raise awareness about what is going on. When we all commit to doing something, we will make an enormous impact and educate New Zealanders about the vanishingly small risk Covid infection poses to children and the potentially life-altering damage caused by the jab.