Your vaccination status is not our business. You are. –Notice in the window of the café 

By Roger Childs

After exercising in the Paekakariki area on Sunday I and three others patronized the well-known village café. Perching Parrot owner Nicole Duke recently had the outdoor license she has had for ten years, revoked by the Kapiti Coast District Council because she refuses to adopt the government’s draconian ‘vaccine’ pass regulations. Reaction in the Paekakariki village has been mixed, but many have expressed strong support for Nicole’s stance. 

Basically the café is now restricted to operating as a takeaway operation which puts the viability of the business in jeopardy as people have to sit on a few stools or stand around on the sidewalk waiting for their orders to be prepared and announced.

Notices in the window of The Perching Parrot emphasize the non-discrimination stance of the café:

  • We do not discriminate against culture, religion, gender, race, age, vax status.
  • The Perching Parrot chooses not to utilize the vaccine passport system
  •  We welcome everyone – jabbed or unjabbed

Waikanae Watch editors patronize The Perching Parrot if they are in the Paekakariki – Queen Elizabeth Park area and encourage readers to do the same. The coffee and food are delicious. 

This is a business which espouses the democratic values of fairness, equality and non-discrimination which our government and Council don’t.