Everyone now knows that TV One News is an undisguised propaganda organ of the Jacinda government, and it seems from this event that they are now so despised because of it, that they need to employ minders.

After they had filmed kids being jabbed with the useless and, on children, untrialed substance the reporter and crew departed back to the studio. But activist Liz Gunn kept pace asking them the pertinent questions.

“I just can’t believe you guys are not reporting the full story. Why would you be hiding something like five kids collapsing?”

The guy playing the minder role tells them to keep their 1-meter distance.

Folks, if this does not alert you to something being seriously wrong, what will?

Here is mainstream media refusing to report on the collapse of children after their jabs. Ought not that to be headline news? 

Video on the FreeNZ channel on Odysee here

Watch for follow ups to this story here as they become available.