from Egypt Today

This winter’s cold weather is getting harsh for us all. Now, imagine what it would be like for stray animals. As the climate kept changing in Egypt over the last couple of years, we have been witnessing heavy rains and a noticeable drop in temperature, creating even harder conditions for animals in the street.  

Egyptian sustainability-conscious designer Ibrahim Abougendy, founder of Mobikya, a startup focused on green solutions and upcycling, came up with an ingenious solution to keep stray cats warm and safe in winter. In collaboration with Petman, an E-commerce pet supplies shop founded by Aly Zeineldin, they both created ‘Sheltires’, mobile shelters made of upcycled tires giving animals more protection in winter.

Focusing on sustainability and with keenness to save as many stray animals as possible, the mobile shelters were designed to keep cats isolated and shielded from the cold temperatures.

“Stray animals live in very tough conditions, especially in winter where they hide in tires to escape the rain and the cold weather. With the unprecedented climate change hitting Egypt the past two years, we’ve been thinking about effective ways to help stray animals survive the weather conditions and to keep them feeling warm and safe. So together with Petman, we invented the ‘Sheltire’, infinity-shaped upcycled tires with two units as mobile shelters. We made use of tires and other waste materials, such as old wood that people usually throw away, to save stray animals and our planet.” said Ibrahim.

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This is another type of story that you’ll never see in NZ’s Legacy Media as it doesn’t square with the Globalists’ false ‘rising temperatures’ narrative. TV1 / TV3 / Stuff etc. will rejoice in any story about heatwaves somewhere, but colder winters — that’s not in accord with their religious teaching. —Eds