From Mark Sexton

All Chief Constables in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are now aware of the live criminal complaint/investigation with The Metropolitan Police, the allocated crime number and the ICC application to The Hague and their acknowledgment.

There is now no excuse for the Police from any force or the Mayor of London to ignore the calls to stop the jabbing program as a matter of urgency. This is being made public to assist and encourage all of the victims who want to make criminal complaints to come forward and do so.

Tel: 0207 983 4000; Email:

We are in possession of a vast amount of evidence to show and prove vitamin C, vitamin D, Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine and zinc are all proven and safe treatments for the virus, COVID-19 SARS Cov 2. This information can be provided to the Police as supporting proof of a live criminal investigation taking place by The Metropolitan Police.

The Police and the Mayor are public servants and they have a duty of care to protect us from harm, injury, death and loss. The significant amount of irrefutable and damning evidence shows and proves the current vaccine program is causing harm, injury and death on a massive scale. The scale of these harms is being deliberately suppressed by the Government and the Media. They have all been deliberately suppressed and the public refused access to said medications in place of a vaccine that has been rushed, still in their trial stages, using emergency legislation and the unnecessary introduction of the Coronavirus Act 2020.

There is also evidence that scientific recommendations and advice have been influenced by commercial and private interests rather than public health and that those direct or indirect interests have not been transparently declared.

Further, there is also evidence that the public health response has been based on unreliable data generated from PCR and LFT tests which are inaccurate and unfit for purpose and withdrawn from use in other jurisdictions as a health hazard. There is no evidence of an isolated virus.There is also evidence that Midazolam and Remdesivir has been used inappropriately and has caused death and injury which has later been ascribed as caused by SARS COV2.

Notwithstanding this we have also supplied The Metropolitan Police a list of forty world renowned experts from a list of approximately twelve thousand, Doctors, Professors. Immunologists, Virologists, Lawyers, Barristers and data analytical experts all available to fully support the assertions made, provide their expertise and credibility to assist The Metropolitan police and any other UK police force with this very serious criminal investigation. Please also be aware an application has been made and acknowledged by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. Acknowledgment was received on the 6th of December 2021, some of those named in the ICC complaint are also named responsible in the criminal complaint lodged at the Metropolitan Police.

The complaint is against a number of UK Government Ministers, C.E.O’s of all Covid vaccine manufacturers, Dr Anthony Fauci, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Klaus Schwab World Economic Forum, Tedros Adhanom W.H.O, Peter Daszack President of the Heath alliance, June Raine of the MHRA and Dr Rajiv Shah of the Rockefeller foundation.

The victims are the people of the United Kingdom. This accepted application now places a duty on The Metropolitan Police and all forty-three Police forces in England and Wales to carry out a full and competent criminal investigation. The Metropolitan Police are now aware of the ICC application and the ICC are also aware of The Metropolitan Police and their criminal investigation, they’ve also been made aware we have notified all forty three Chief Constables of the same.

It is now incumbent upon you all to treat this as a national emergency. To individually and collectively notify the general public to stop taking the vaccines, to make contact with all Healthcare establishments in the United Kingdom and advise them to withdraw all vaccines and stop administering them straight away. The vaccines must be seized as evidence in a criminal investigation and placed into secure detained property to be independently forensically examined.

This is a genuine cause for concern and be reassured this is not vexatious or frivolous in any way. Superintendent Jon P. Simpson, assistant to Commissioner Cressida Dick, is aware of this criminal complaint and acknowledged same by email to one of the original informants on the 23rd of December 2021. Metropolitan Police crime number 6029679/21 Hammersmith Police Station Officers allocated, DS Mallett PC Irvine. International Criminal Court, The Hague, Netherlands, case reference number, OTP-CR-473/21 Submitting Lawyer: Hannah Rose.

We respectfully request as a matter of public safety to halt all Covid-19 vaccines to prevent any more unnecessary harm, injury and death being caused. We ask for acknowledgment of receipt of this email without delay and thank you in anticipation of same.

Yours sincerely, Philip Hyland, Lois Bayliss, Dr Sam White, Hannah Rose, Mark Sexton.

Dear Sadiq Khan,

As the Police Crime Commissioner and Mayor of London I am making you aware of the below e-mail sent to all U.K. Chief Constables. The content is self-explanatory, within your role it is now incumbent upon you to protect the public from harm, injury and death. We ask (because this is now a national emergency) that you make an urgent public announcement to the people of London for whom you are responsible, to stop taking the vaccines immediately. To request all medical establishments cease administering the vaccines until further notice.

All of the content within this email is genuine and verifiable.