The end of the first week of the pediatric ‘vaccine’ rollout has been a challenging time for the many parents taking a stand against the Government’s campaign of fear and intimidation that is now aimed squarely at their children, as well as those New Zealanders who fear for the health of Kiwi children who have been jabbed. We stand with you all! 

This newsletter contains facts to empower yourself and others to take a stand for our innocent children. It’s our responsibility to arm ourselves with reliable information so we can speak out against this reckless experiment with the health and lives of New Zealanders. Remember, the burden of proof is not on those of us who urge caution — it is on those who insist that it is acceptable that a 12 year old child is pressured and bribed to make a decision that could prove permanently disabling, or even fatal.

Tamariki and the covid ‘vaccine.
What you need to know: Can kids get seriously ill from covid?

Our team have reviewed articles in New Zealand’s compromised media and there is plenty to disagree with.

Read through our analysis here.

Risk of Myocarditis from the Pfizer ‘vaccine.’There is mounting evidence of increased risk of myocarditis, particularly in young males, after the Pfizer ‘vaccine’. Our assessment is that it indicates that for our children and young people (and many adults) the cure is worse than the disease.

Read through the evidence and the risks for your child.

Medsafe Datasheet on the paediatric Cominarty vaccine.
Our team of doctors have carefully studied the safety sheet issued by Medsafe and this is what parents should know before choosing to “vaccinate” their children with the Pfizer/Comirnaty vaccine.

Read through our points of concern.

World Health Organisation statement regarding who should not be ‘vaccinated.The World Health Organisation (updated 5 January 2022) states Children under 12 should not be “vaccinated” with the mRNA vaccines as there is not enough data to show their safety and efficacy in the long term. So why are New Zealand parents being pressured by the New Zealand Government to jab their children, against the advice of the WHO?
Read the WHO statement for yourself

Locking down for a cold?What you need to know about Omicron. You’ve got this.

NZDSOS Position Statement on C-19 ‘Vaccines.’NZDSOS supports and aligns with the World Council for Health in their call for an immediate stop to the covid-19 experimental “vaccines”.

Read through the NZDSOS Position Statement here.

Our response to the Stuff NZ article:
In response to the Stuff article titled ‘Underground network of anti-vax doctors and nurses continue to issue dodgy Covid vaccine exemption letters’ (20 Jan 2021), New Zealand Doctors Speaking out With Science (NZDSOS) wish to make the following statements:

NZDSOS’s brave practitioners are still standing and working. It’s far braver to stand against tyranny than it is to stand for it, or stand by and watch it happen.

We proudly stand by our colleagues named in the article, Sally Sayers RN, Dr Anna Harvey, as well as all the other staff who are helping support covid vaccine injured victims, those affected by the mandates and those proactively strengthening their immune system to prevent and reduce the effects of covid on their person.

How low have you fallen, Tony Wall? From a crime and investigations reporter to an “expose” on professionals doing their job to help those the government has discarded? I hope you paid your $75.00 bill. These funds go to helping those who have lost their jobs to the mandates by providing them employment and purpose helping others; providing food to those who have lost their jobs; supporting vaccine injured who have had their lives dramatically and irrevocably altered, providing unbiased medical information, enabling professionals to connect and support one another and supporting legal actions that are challenging tyranny and crimes, including on your behalf, Tony – until you understand the corruption.  

Read what a NZDSOS online clinic patient says.

You got one thing right. Yes our “group’s ethos includes the right to refuse medical intervention and the right to freedom of expression.”  Until recently both these basic human rights have been the bedrock of ethical and responsible medicine. What a tragedy that a supposed free and independent press have collaborated to turn them into an accusation.

NZDSOS notice of liability.A Notice of Liability can be served to any organisation or business administering the injection and/or requiring vaccine passports. We suggest a campaign of serving this Notice of Liability to school boards, principals and vaccine centres. Keep records in your organisations of who has been served. If people say they have been served but there is doubt … serve them again.

Download our short or long version of the Notice of Liability here.

Please support the teachers.NZTSOS (New Zealand Teachers Speaking out With Science) need your help. They are compiling a report on the effects of these lockdowns and mandates on the wellbeing of New Zealand children and families. This form is confidential, and no names, or other identifying data are required. The data will be used as evidence in anticipated court proceedings against the Government later this year.

Fill out the anonymous questionnaire here.