Not content with relentlessly promoting dubious substances likely to destroy people’s immune systems and so reduce human populations, they want to reduce animal populations too.

In fact, according to, “methane emissions from grass-fed cattle form part of a natural biogenic cycle that has been around since life began. In the biogenic carbon cycle, plants assimilate carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis and store it as carbohydrates. Animals consume the plants and emit methane during digestion. The methane emitted remains in the atmosphere for about 12 years, before it is converted back to carbon dioxide and water vapour. Though methane is transformed into another greenhouse gas, it is essential to note that the resulting carbon dioxide returned to the atmosphere is not new additional carbon dioxide; it is recycled carbon.”

from Summit News

A group of environmental economists in Germany is demanding that huge taxes be imposed on meat products to fight climate change, with calls for beef to be 56 percent more expensive.

Asserting that livestock is responsible for 13 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, researchers from TU Berlin’s Chair of Sustainable Use of Natural Resources are demanding limitations on meat consumption in order to “attain greenhouse gas neutrality.”

“Livestock farming is a huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, soil and water pollution, and precious forests are being cleared for pastures and food crops,” said the leader of the group, Professor Linus Mattauch.

“Evidence suggests the environmental impacts are so large that the world can’t meet climate goals and keep vital ecosystems intact without reducing the consumption of meat – at least in Western high-income countries,” he added.

Mattauch wants governments to “start thinking about also taxing meat to reduce its consumption,” asserting that this is the “most efficient path to preventing further strain on our planet.”

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