And a very good question. What actual Omicron figures are we likely to see in the next few weeks? In Queensland which has the same population as NZ, hospitalisations with it (most will not be because of it) peaked at 928 on 25 January, but have been steadily falling since and the figure yesterday was 663. ICU admissions in Queensland peaked at 54, and are now down to 45.

All the rest of the positive cases have recovered at home. The tens of thousands of recovered positive cases (active cases peaked at over 200,000 but are now down to 47,000) will have effectively had an Omicron vaccine because of their infection: The CEO of Pfizer admitted that their substance was useless against Omicron.

The Queensland experience is pretty much what sensible, objective people should have expected and probably did expect. Instead in Jacindaland, minister Hipkins has paid massive amounts for wild exaggerations.