by Diana West

The following notes will be confounding to some, confirming to others. They represent a good bit of time listening and trying to decode the persona and messaging of Dr. Robert Malone, which, for some time, have struck me as off-kilter for a prominent leader of the covid-tyranny opposition. 

I embarked on this little project after finding myself troubled after last month’s “Defeat the Mandates” march in Washington, D.C. Maybe it was the organizer’s assurances that 90 percent of the speakers were “vaccinated” that made me realize the baseline assumptions of what has been coalescing as the organized pushback (carrying over into Sen. Ron Johnson’s panel, “Covid 19: A Second Opinion,” in the U.S. Senate) share far too much common ground with the architects of our destruction. 

Such assumptions rest on a set of demonstrable frauds and lies, beginning with the “discovery” in a computer in China of the “virus” sequence “Sars-Cov-2.” Even if we set aside questioning whether this “virus” (or any “virus”) exists as a causative agent for a set of symptoms packaged for the public as “Covid-19,” there is copious, concrete evidence of corruption and fraud in the creation and adoption of the PCR test, which has produced hundreds of millions of false positives — lies which are called “cases” — in healthy people. These endlessly concocted outbreaks of “cases” have been fraudulently classified as a “pandemic” — more lies — but only according to a definition of  “pandemic” edited by the WHO to exclude as pandemic features widespread illness of a severe nature and widespread mortality, neither which “Covid-19” has ever caused, not even according to the pandemic-masters’ own faked figuring.     

Anyone who accepts this series of lies — and there are many more — is perpetuating the tyranny for which they served as false pretext.

There is no way out of the nightmare without exposing the lies about the virus, the test, and the pandemic — not to mention the transformational agendas around the “vaccine” itself. Why is it we remain mired in the fight over whether the shot is “safe and effective,” over whether there exist alternative treatments, over whether “mandates” (forced medical intervention) are legal? I hope this consideration of the messaging of Dr. Malone, now at the forefront of the opposition-doctors, will help explain why we are not making progress.  

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