Apart from Jacindanistas and her paid Legacy Media, who now believes it?

from the BFD

The government has been actively trying to cover up the truth.

At long last, the truth is coming out. Where to from here, one wonders?

As you can imagine, the hardy folk at ACC are tasked with investigating all claims thoroughly to avoid any benefit fraud. Vaccine injury falls under their jurisdiction, so ACC staff have, uniquely in NZ, been immersing themselves in the torrid details of vaccine injury.

As all injuries go through this single department, ACC knows more about vaccine injury than any other sector of our government or society at large. The avalanche of claims (which could top 100,000 if the government were to admit liability) and their severity has shocked ACC staff to such an extent that a great many staff members are rightfully concerned that they should not be compelled to vaccinate or boost.

The government, who have been trying to hide the extent of vaccine injury from the public and are eager not to be caught out, have reportedly caved in to ACC staff demands and extended the deadline for mandated vaccination into an uncertain future.

This is pure vindication for those who were hesitant over the vaccine. I am double jabbed. But now I am not so sure. Just the fact that we had to wait 6 months… then 4 months… now 3 months for a booster means no-one knows what the hell is going on. If the original ‘vaccinations’ only lasted 3 months then I have been unprotected since October. It is obvious we are all being lied to – by Big Pharma, by the Ministry of Health and, most of all, by the government.

Simultaneously we have heard that the government wishes to avoid liability by arguing that vaccine injuries are not actually accidents but the result of free choices by individuals to undertake an experimental treatment. 

Nice try, but it won’t wash. How many people were coerced into the vaccinations in order to keep their jobs and their livelihoods? From nurses, doctors, police to supermarket workers, many more would not have been vaccinated if they had had a “free” choice.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has famously told the public that “the Government should be your sole source of information”, in her words all other sources of information especially social media are worthless “grains of salt”.

As the vaccine rollout progressed, it became apparent to those adventurous enough to diverge from Jacinda’s strictures by reading foreign media sources, that the mRNA vaccine is rather ineffective and rapidly wears off. More importantly, the number of people suffering from vaccine injuries is so large, that almost everyone has a few friends, (I have almost a dozen), who have succumbed to serious injury.

And the government has been actively trying to cover this up. Remember Jacinda’s Facebook page where her minions were removing the comments as fast as they were being posted? This is from the office of the prime minister!

The vaccine injury blackout that the government has been able to exert over the media has been so total that the vaccine safety narrative at first proved very robust. Despite the injury stories circulating among friends and on social media, it was always possible for the government to dismiss the fate of one’s injured friends as rare and unfortunate (if indeed they ever mentioned it).

But we were being lied to all the way through the pandemic.

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