I am so shocked and stunned with the way the NZ Police treated people at parliament today. It seems that the protestors have kept peaceful all along (I know there had been a bit of name calling but nothing violent) – then the speaker of the house ordered Police to get rid of the protestors and it suddenly became very violent. I saw photos of Trevor Mallard on a veranda seeming to enjoy what was going on.

The live stream I saw this morning showed nothing short of assault and brutality on many people — Men, Women and Children. It was absolutely shocking — people have broken bones, been kicked, punched, dragged along the concrete — you name it and the mainstream media are trying to commend the police on how they handled it.

My wife and I decided to go in to Parliament and show some support and try to work out what was going on. To be honest it was absolutely disgusting, intimidating and shocking. Hundreds of police with Masks, Gloves, handcuffs, Tasers, battens, pepper Spray — you name it. They were all lined up and more and more coming in and marching around and showing they were ready to launch at any time on the protestors. They had just been pepper spraying just before we arrived. A lot of the police were not sworn officers they were young people from the police college that had not even graduated and looked uncomfortable and way out of their depth. A lot of them actually looked quite upset. I noticed a lot of the young police got emotional when the National Anthem and other things were sung as they knew what they were doing was not right — they were following orders and probably wondering what type of organisation they had joined.

There was constant tension in the air and the threat that the police were going to launch another assault on the peaceful people that were singing and just wanted to talk to the political leaders about their concerns. There was lots of posturing from the Police — senior Police would come along and whisper in the ear of the other police — just constant tension where you did not feel safe. So much for maintaining health and safety — they had even padlocked key exit gates.

I was feeling quite uncomfortable and approached a senior looking police officer and asked to know my rights. I wanted to know what laws had been broken, what my rights were etc. He just laughed at me and told me to go to the Police station during normal business hours to ask those questions. They all looked aggressive and none of them wanted to talk – they just stood there with their large masks on. I asked why they all of the Police were all on the other side of the fence and pointing at us with no one on our side — I said we should have police available to let us know our rights etc. Again he laughed. He did not answer any of my questions, appeared out of his depth and did not offer to get any of the other 400 or so police officers to answer any of the questions — he was totally dismissive and made it clear he did not care. I also asked him what the protestors had done to turn this into a non peaceful event and he laughed at that too. he seemed to have a blank stare and just not care. [a zombie —Eds]

Today what I saw was the most disgusting abuse of power and total focus on Police pleasing the political leaders and protecting them from peaceful people wanting to have free speech.

What I saw on live stream shocked me then to go and be there and see the behavior for myself was absolutely disgusting and left me wondering how things have got so bad so fast with our Government and I am seeing more and more that we have been turned into a police state. I hope and pray that things improve soon.

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Intelligent people now know for sure that the scamdemic has nothing to do with health and everything to do with controlling the people. Like Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland in 1972, this action by the Jacinda Junta and state forces headed by Mr Andrew Coster will be totally counter-productive.