“I was arrested yesterday for reserving my right to peaceful protest at parliament.

I was not issued a trespass notice, verbally or otherwise.

I was not read my rights.

I did not witness any violence on the part of the protesters.

I did witness violence from police. I’m struggling to forget some of the violent imagery and the tears in the eyes of men, women and children. This is not the way to respond to a peaceful protest.

I spent the day in a cell with 18 beautiful wahine. It was chaotic in there and process was not followed in many instances by police. We sang songs and told our stories to keep up morale.

My cell mates were: a naturopath and mother who suffered a hit to the head. A paramedic (who said she was seeing 3-4 serious Vax injuries per week, mostly heart attack & stroke, mostly in the young). A teacher of many years. A couple of peace loving young girls (one of them the naked girl brutally arrested in the video). She was sitting down peacefully when arrested. A caregiver for the disabled, arrested whilst meditating. A cafe worker, neck injury. The list goes on. All of us had bruising. They even arrested a person in a wheelchair.

In the men [were] an elderly gentleman + poet. Another elderly gentlemen: kind and caring with a big black eye. Another man with a cracked rib. A friends gentle and kind husband who’d just turned up after dropping the kids to school. Another with a grazed face. A young teen with a hurt shoulder crying.

The protesters are mothers, fathers, nurses, doctors, paramedics, teachers, midwives, firefighters, farmers, truckers etc… from every walk of life.

Sadly and predictably the mainstream media are manipulating, lying and taking video footage out of context.

There are a few dickheads in any group. On the side of the protesters and on the side of the public. For example I was abused with a car full of kids for flying a flag that read FREEDOM, TRUTH, NO CENSORSHIP. This kind of behavior is never cool, regardless on which side.

Sadly the media are focusing and only reporting on these fringe elements in the protester group rather than on the vast majority of peace-loving, freedom-loving, salt-of-the-earth kiwis, doing their utmost to keep this peaceful, despite police brutality. Another video from an arrest on day 2 was taken out of context with clever editing. Its quite sickening to witness the real thing and then see the media representation.

That goes for the Freedom convoy too. The sheer size and joy of the convoy and the supporters along the roads all through NZ was completely ignored by MSM. It was massive, and positive, and respectful. A community of people coming together in a common cause and the feeling of unity and family and love was incredible. That vibe is still alive at parliament today. I know I could go up to any person there and they would help me out as if I was family: food, water, sunscreen, medical supplies, shelter, loo paper, a phone, a charger. Its incredible and heart-warming to experience.

For the past two years the government has done their utmost to minimize, marginalize, and delegitimize the freedom movement. Their strategy is conquer and divide. By making people hate those of us fighting for all of our FREEDOMS TO CHOOSE. Jacinda has 4 spin doctors that work for her for good reason.

…it’s important for people to wake up and realize they are being manipulated and lied to at every turn. Not just about this protest but for the past 2 years.”


The Jacinda regime certainly keeps human rights lawyers busy. —Eds