It’s exactly as you would have expected — TV1 and TV3 (Newshub) both seemed to have have looked up the catalog of conspiracy theorists and attributed all the beliefs ‘right wing extremists’ are supposed to hold to the Freedom Convoy 2022!

Cushla Norman (see the post on Counterspin Media) has said on her items that several such groups have coalesced and are amid the protestors at Parliament. They include some tiny fringe groups that you would need to do some serious tracking down to find in America, let alone in Jacindaland. She seems to feel, however, it’s better to emphasize ones that the politically aware would have heard mentioned at some point in the recent past such as QAnon. And apparently, all of them are in the Freedom Convoy!

The fact that the overwhelming majority of protestors are ordinary people who have had enough of unjustified government restrictions, fear mongering, coercion and abrogation of basic human rights and want to be free is irrelevant and not to be mentioned, of course.

Jacindanistas no doubt believe it, questioning, intelligent people wont.

In a doomed attempt to deflect the general condemnation of their behaviour on 10 February, Coster’s Wellington henchman Corrie Parnell has weighed in with the regular, trite allegation of “far right protestors,” see this article in the NZ Herald.

Perhaps you’ve been watching too much Patrick Gower on TV3, Mr Parnell? Or perhaps you’re referring to the people you planted as infiltrators? He tells us some people have baseball bats! Maybe that’s because they want to defend themselves against further unprovoked attacks by members of your mob, Mr Parnell? People are quite entitled to do that, you know, as long as the force used is reasonable. Keep your brutes at bay and they won’t get used, we guarantee it.