A couple of weeks ago, we received a fourth paper mail from a staffer at KCDC relating to the saga of another staffer at KCDC who allegedly has been on paid leave since September 2020.

We have no means of contacting the author and for us to advance this further she is going to have to do so.  We referred the first two mails to Mr Maxwell, which he ignored and so posted them in good faith. We gave an indication of the contents of the third from last November which we also referred to Mr Maxwell, with the result described in this post.

We need more information, so if this person would like to make contact that allows two-way communication, then that would be good. Confidentiality is assured. 

It is clear that it is a sensitive issue for Mr Maxwell and we agree with the author that he needs to go elsewhere, not only because of his gross wastage of Ratepayer money.