“So in 10 days the NZ Protesters have set up and admin tent, first aid tent tended to by QUALIFIED Drs and NURSES mandated out of a job, a school system for the children lead by Qualified teachers, mandated out of a job, church for every denomination, a ‘TIME OUT’ tent for those that are not behaving well, a mental health tent, ALL Children and adults are being fed, a Security team helped out by those mandated out of jobs such as Police, rubbish collection, drainage system, they are supporting local businesses by organising non-contact deliveries of coffee, etc, they have a rubbish collection team, laundry tent, clothing for those that need it, are offered showers by Wellington residents, yoga tent, massage tent, it just goes on. They have achieved more in 10 days than what was achieved in two years. The government has now told everyone NOT to get tested UNLESS you feel ill, in contradiction to their 24 month message, because 10,000 health professionals and testing techs are striking. The protesters have no masks, no social distancing no segregation and are actually offering free hugs to strangers and people are loving it. The grounds they are in are spotless and they have portaloos. They have been threatened and abused and still standing and holding the line.

“Well, if you haven’t seen protest grounds at parliament, you can’t imagine what it is like here. This is astonishing and pictures don’t do it justice.
Half of Molesworth St is a food court with several tents with endless rolling food service, with another marvelous Hare Krishna food tent serving hundreds of meals close by. Food is being donated from every corner of Wellington and beyond. There are three warehouse/garage spaces full of food and food being prepped.
One truck driver finishes work, then every day picks up food from up Masterton way and along the way, drives into Wellington, delivers the food and drives back home again.
Every square centimetre of grass is covered in ‘tent city’. There is a mothers and children’s play space, there is a well stocked first aid and medic tent – the medics are busy 24 hours a day. The wellness centre has Osteopathic doctors, mirimiri, Tibetan sound bowl, and tomorrow the Reiki practitioners are setting up under the big church. The portoloos are clean and plentiful (although the loos at the train and bus stations have been shut down — poor passengers).
The rubbish is being dealt with continuously. The music is fantastic, the vibe is super joyful and friendly, the speakers are good I hear but I’ve been put to work so I’ve missed all that. The call out for and subsequent delivery of hay means the place stinks sweetly of silage (but surprisingly not in a bad way). There are security guards and Maori wardens patrolling ‘the streets’ looking out for bad actors or anyone who needs help.
The streets are packed so full of cars parked up and settled in, it’s hard to see how anyone is going to be leaving any time soon.
If you are hearing ‘bad news’ from the media — IT IS ALL LIES. There is nothing bad happening here – just hard core WE ARE NOT PUTTING UP WITH YOUR SH*T ANY LONGER! There is room for more….come and add your presence and assistance. But check the Convoy NZ 2022 fb page for ideas of what to bring that would be helpful. See you when we see you ❤
P.S. I forgot to add The Health Forum is there, the NZDSOS is there, and there is a homeopathic tent for emergency medicine. Outdoors Party (ironically)…..Hone Edwards”