by Steve the Maori

I went to the grounds of Parliament yesterday. I’m not a protester, I wasn’t going to protest and I didn’t protest. I had listened to the Media because they always report what I need to hear. I listened to Parliament and was scared because of the people being threatened. I knew it “had to be” true but wanted to get confirmation for myself, I wanted to see it with my own eyes and if I saw it I would have certainly reported it and made sure the World saw it too. I drove through the night yesterday from Tauranga to witness the aggression and hate myself.

All I experienced was Aroha [love], all I saw were people helping people, respecting each other, being friendly to passers by. They were smiling, caring, being nice to each other, making everybody feel welcome. What I saw was a place that had so much [skin] colour that they didn’t see colour, where all religions got along, where people from every nation loved each other equally. Nobody thought negatively of me because I’m boosted double vax, they couldn’t see it because nobody were there to judge. It was beautiful and I’m so happy I made the decision to travel. What I saw below the steps of Parliament was what could only be described as the Perfect World. Let your eyes see for yourself.

He gives a real time video report here

Significantly, to deal with the problem of agents provocateurs planted by Jacinda’s agencies, the protestors have created their own security and anyone behaving in an unruly, anti-social manner gets asked to leave — and most of them appear to have gone (once what they were paid to do had been done?) This seems to have been the factor that persuaded David Seymour to meet with 3 representatives. Are local shops suffering? No, in fact they’re busy as you might expect. As for the Backbencher pub, contrary to the impression given by TV1/TV3, the owner supports the protest, speaking here on Sean Plunket’s answer to the Lying Legacy Media: